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oh gosh I’m pms-ing like a bitch

Just remember I loved you, even at your worst.

First off, I’m not one to really simp. In fact I haven’t really thought about it- (us, you, or even me until recently.. ) there are days where the thought of you creeps inside my head and haunts me. Then there are others where you bring smiles. For whatever reason I guess the laws that define gravity, or whatever out there that’s bigger than us, thought it was best for there not to be an us. Anyways it’s 3:30 am and I can’t sleep. I’m awake. Laying in bed. And I can’t sleep. Do you ever wonder why we always emphasize a “first”? B/c for some reason I don’t get it?what’s the big deal about your first kiss, or your first car, your first job, or first bf, or your first love? I mean like really? Is it that important for it to be such a huge deal? & then I thought that maybe it is? Well I don’t really know that’s why I said maybe? I’m thinking more of “first love” in particular. & I wonder, maybe it’s such a huge deal because nothing can ever be like your first? But then I also came to the conclusion that nothing can ever really be like your 2nd, or your 3rd or whatever- in whatever? do I make sense? No, this is all just 3 am jumble. lol. But I just really want to know if your first love is really all that special. Like will I ever meet anyone like my first love(aka FL)? & will I love him the same? Is it possible for me to love him even more than my first? & is it ever the same? Do you ever really get over your FL? & is it true that you’ll always love your first love even of it’s just friendly love? (B/c in that case maybe I’m just not normal lol) will whoever that comes after your first, will they know you better? Or can they, can they ever be better than your first? idk I know it’s really a stupid subject but I just want to know why we place such an importance on our first love and not our 2nd or 3rd or 4th or whatever. xx -katelyn s.


Me for all of high school





This is so breathtaking idk why

This is the best part of being comfortable in a relationshipYou can just lay there butt naked n be completely relaxed n not worried what they’re thinking about your body.

this gif is so relaxing

yeah i want that soo bad 

this is so important


this is so me. lmfao

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I was having a bad day until I randomly got a text from a wrong number with nothing but this picture


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